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When a trip changes your life

Feeling Felt was born from a passion for design and creativity and the desire to do our part against climate change.

It all began with a trip to southern Italy in the summer of 2018 that made us realize how the problem of plastic pollution was incredibly real and increasingly serious. The famous Salento Maldives and the most beautiful caves in Italy were a sea of waste: the need to change things pushed us to create a low environmental impact reality. One year of experimentation and the success of our crowdfunding campaign allowed us to launch the first line, the Urban Collection, which includes backpacks, laptop cases and key rings, made with a felt made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.

After a collection for life in the city, we design Back To Nature to celebrate the return to the origins: bags and backpacks, made of natural cork and Piñatex, an innovative material derived from pineapple waste.
Every day we work to demonstrate how ethics and aesthetics can coexist and to transform what is considered waste into a great resource.

Barbara Gangemi creative director

Barbara Gangemi

Francesca Cruañes Rossini

Francesca Cruanes Rossini CEO
3D Printing Expert

Riccardo Cruañes Rossini