About Us


Feeling Felt is the innovative lifestyle brand based on quality, minimal design and sustainable production.

Our approach is aimed at combining the tradition of Italian fashion and manufacturing with the use of new materials with low environmental impact, thus encouraging a conscious and responsible consumption of resources.

We strongly believe in our idea of combining Italian tradition, innovative eco-sustainable materials and contemporary design to create new generation products.


Francesca Cruanes Rossini - CEO

Francesca Cruañes Rossini, graduated in Biomedical Engineering, has gained five years of experience on Italian and international projects, working in Italy, Spain and Switzerland in the areas of IT consulting and development of information technologies. In 2017 he decided to follow his will to do something concrete against climate change, so she worked with Barbara on the idea of Feeling Felt, a brand that would combine design, innovation and sustainability. Today she is the company's managing director.


Barbara Gangemi - Marketing and Creative Director

Barbara Gangemi, after a qualification in design and art direction, has gained over 8 years of experience in international advertising agencies, developing successful integrated campaigns. Always linked to the world of design and accessories, in 2017 she decided to expand her creations to including backpacks, laptop cases and key rings that all common to the same attention to materials and the environment. This is where Feeling Felt was born a year later, of which she is now Marketing and Creative Director.


Riccardo Cruanes Rossini - Responsabile R&D

Riccardo Cruañes Rossini, studies Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan. Always passionate about technology and innovation, in recent years he has gained experience in the main programming languages (e.g., C, C++, Python) and in new technologies such as Arduino, 3D Manufacturing and 3D Modeling. In 2019, when the Feeling Felt project came to life, he decided to work alongside the team already present to carry out the R&D activities for which he is now responsible.